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Organic Smoothie

🎉Congratulations _sunlifeorganics on th
Sunlife Organics in Century City

🎉Congratulations SunLife Organics on the opening of your new stores all over the US, with 12 already open and 2 more coming up, making it a total of 14 locations where you can get truly organic delights. ​💗For those who haven't tried it yet: @sunlifeorganics is an organic paradise where you can find organic bowls, organic smoothies, organic juices, organic protein shakes, organic superfood shakes, organic shots, and organic tea, snacks, and coffee! ​💖Such a healing place, created by @khalilrafati an inspiring entrepreneur and an amazing human being who made this dream possible! 👏🏻 @sunlifeorganics in @westfieldcentury

SunLife Organic

💗Every time you enter this place @sunlifeorganics, you will feel rejuvenated! 
Beautifully decorated. Lovely, smiling people make your healthy, organic smoothies, juices, bowls, and there is so much to learn in the store. ​ ​
💚A collection of superfoods and super healthy organic supplements, vitamins, protein bars, chocolates, and even cosmetics, all rigorously certified Organic! Inside, they will explain and educate you about all the things that are there and why they are good for you! ​ ​
💖A place where you know you are taking care of yourself and they are there to make this possible! 
A great organic place, created by an amazing and incredible person, who cares so much about others! Thank you @khalilrafati for this organic paradise that really gives love, heals and inspires! 

SunLife Organic

🎉So excited that my favorite juice from Malibu @sunlifeorganics is landing in the newly expanded Westfield Century City! Created by an extraordinary health and wellness entrepreneur, who I had the pleasure to meet! @khalilrafati Can't wait to visit your new location! 🌟
☀️ SunLife Organics offers organic bowls, organic fresh juices, organic protein shakes, organic shots, and organic smoothies. They are not only healthy for you and the environment, but they are also very delicious! And their canvas tote bag is so cute!🌸 Welcome to Century City!✨ 📸 @sunlifeorganics. Have you try it? 

Kreation in Beverly Hills

One of my favorite places in the LA area! It is always USDA Certified organic they serve:

  🌿Clod pressed Juices

Premium cold-pressed Juice

Meal replacement smoothie

Probiotic Kefir and Tonic Shots

Cold-pressed coffee & tea

Alkaline waters 

  🌿Heat & eat

Salads Wraps

Suop and Tapas

Yogurt bread desserts

Snack  and oatmeals

   🌿Available in several locations. Cold-pressed juice, bowl.

🌴 Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Santa Monica, Venice, downtown LA, Westwood, Malibu, Brentwood, Manhattan Beach, Marina del Rey, El Segundo, Toluca Lake, Studio City, Pasadena. California.💚  🌿

Beaming Organic Goodies

🎉Cookie Party with my favorite ones!🍪Mmm! Made with organic ingredients, organic superfoods, nutritional grains, and high protein flour!
💚Made by @livebeaming 👏How amazing are these organic cookies!
They are definitely my favorite treat! The most amazing part is that they contain 7.4g of protein and superfoods, such as organic flax, organic chia, organic hemp, organic almond, and organic buckwheat.
Organic, vegan, low glycemic, anti-inflammatory and energy fueling, gluten-free, dairy-free, and delicious! 🍪😋
💚 They should call them Super Cookies!! Who else love these cookies?

Erewhon Los Angeles

😍Amazing, amazing, amazing! Erewhon Market is Disneyland for organic foodies!😃All their food prepared there is with all organic ingredients! 🍲🌯🌮Great vegan, gluten free, and dairy free organic options are offered as well!! They have a hot food counter and refrigerated food ready to go. Their organic sushi is made there with organic brown rice, organic soy sauce, and wild salmon🍣 A great selection of organic soups are available in large glass jars to grab and go. Breakfast is served with organic eggs and organic gluten free pancakes! 🍳This is by far the best health conscious, responsible grocery store, restaurant, market, cafe in the Los Angeles area!! 3 locations for now: Los Angeles (north of The Grove), Venice, and Calabasas. Please @erewhonmarket just multiply yourself!!

Sunlife organics in Malibu

🌺 My favorite place in Malibu! 🐚🌺 @sunlifeorganics has an amazing collection of organic fresh juices, cold pressed juices, custom smoothies, protein shakes, superfood shakes, bowls, shots, frozen yogurt, sundaes! 🍉🍇🍓 Their stores are so cute with a large collection of all organic goodies! Take a look at their canvas tote bag, it is so pretty!😍 👛  @sunlifeorganics 🍹


💗Another amazing all natural and certified organic Juice bar. With several locations in the LA area.
💚Their fruits and vegetables are handpicked by local farmers and delivered daily to guarantee quality and freshness.
💖They offer bowls, cold pressed juices, raw smoothies, wellness shots.

This is another celebrities spots, regular visitors are David Beckaman and Alessandra Ambrosio. 

Juice Crafters Organic Juice Bar
Sunlife Organics in Century City

🎉Congratulations @sunlifeorganics on the opening of your new store in Century City @westfieldcenturycity !
​💗An organic paradise where you can find organic bowls, organic smoothies, organic juices, organic protein shakes, organic superfood shakes, organic shots, and organic tea and coffee!
​💖Such a healing place, created by an inspiring entrepreneur @khalilrafati and an amazing human being who made this dream possible! 👏🏻 @sunlifeorganics 💕

Kreation Marjan's Favorite

🍏 💚 Marjan's Favorite and mine too!! @kreationjuice has the best selection of USDA organic juices around! Always organic! Not like some other places, who say sometimes, or whenever possible, or subject to availability, or whatever... 🍹Kreation is always 100% organic!! And we are 100% buying your products!! 

Beaming Organic Goodies

😌Imagine cookies that are actually healthy, made with highly nutritional ingredients, organic super foods and grains, and high protein flour, low glycemic, gluten-free, dairy-free, and delicious... 🍪😋
💚Wait, you don’t need to dream about it, because @livebeaming has made this a reality! 👏How amazing are these organic cookies!
💚They are definitely my favorite treat! They contain 7.4g of protein and have highly nutritional ingredients, super foods and gluten-free grains such as flax, chia, hemp, almond, and buckwheat.
💚You can now enjoy cookies without feeling concerned about refined sugar, GMOs, over processed ingredients, and fat typically found in a traditional cookie! 
💚Can’t wait to try their other organic goodies: carrot muffins, banana chocolate chip bread, and ultimate fudge brownie! 📸 @livebeaming 

PrettyOrganicGirl LA Organic Food Tour 
PrettyOrganicGirl LA Organic Food Tour 

Come to taste with me the Best Organic Food in Los Angeles in the luxury of Telsa X (up 5 people)

Featuring the best organic bites and dishes from LA's top restaurants and healthy bars, plus organic drinks (organic juices & smoothies)

It's your chance to get L.A.'s best organic taste!

Featuring LA's best:

1. USDA Certified organic grass-fed burger

2. Organic smoothies

3. Organic sushi wild fish

4. Organic gluten-free bakery

5. Organic vegan Mexican food

6. Organic authentic Italian pizza

The tour is specifically designed to cover the best organic restaurants in the Los Angeles area starting at Westfield in Century City, exploring Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, and finishing at The Grove.

Learn more about the best organic restaurants in Los Angeles in my blog:

Tickets are not refundable.

For any questions/inquiries, email me:

FOOD ALLERGIES: If you have specific food allergies, please ensure that you inquire about the ingredients of each dish being served, directly from those serving it.

VEGAN, GLUTEN-FREE, and DAIRY-FREE options are available

Food is not included in the price! The price is for the car and driver time.

Free local pick up available in Beverly Hills

Minimum 2 people

Kreation Juice, cold-pressed juice, alkaline drink, green juice
Kreation Organic Juice in Postamates

💚  Kreation  Organic Juice number #3.

This Is my favorite cold-pressed Juice version because is the most Alkalines of all. This is the only juice version that does not contain Lemon, cayenne, pepper, orange, pineapple, or anything citrus acid or irritant, that is better for acid reflux.

💚  This juice is made with USDA Certifed Organic Greens:

🌿 Kale

🌿 Cucumber

🌿 Celery

🌿 Spinach

🌿 Romaine

This combination is perfect and it makes this a great soothing, detoxing, and alkaline drink!! And you know what? it tastes so good that doesn't need any fruit to sweet it.

I add coconut water to it.

You can order it with Postamtes, link below.

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