Natural remedies for Fissures 

🌸 If you are on this page is because you are dealing with fissures!

I know what you are going through, I know how are difficult they are but I can tell you that can will heal and you can do it all naturally without those nasty products full of chemicals, colorants, and side effects! 

Here is how I healed it naturally!

First, go to a proctologist to confirm that they are fissures.

Then you are ready for an all-natural and organic healing path.


When I received the doctor's prescriptions I checked the compound made by the pharmacist and it had on the label literally the poison warning, if ingested or touched, that's why the pharmacist encouraged me to use it with a glove, but it would be still absorbed on an open wound! I basically trashed it.

Also, the laxative prescribed was full of colorants and we know all the side effects of conventional laxatives. that too I didn't open it!

Here is the number one rule:

1. WATER:  Drink much more water than usual

2. LAY DOWN: Don't sit, even on a donut pillow, I basically spent a week in the bed, or stand as much as you can, when sitting trying to sit on the side.

3. FOOD: Eat liquid meals, especially smoothies and veggie blended soups, baby food. Lentils soup, beans. Have prunes and prune juices. Have a pear a day. You want to soften as much you can.

Avoid all spicy food and sharp food such as tacos, crackers, popcorn, crunchy and dry food, avoid rice, white pasta, white bread, and red meat at all costs, no alcohol, reduce sugar, carbs, and gluten.

4. SUPPLEMENTS: this supplement is what really made difference: OZONATED MAGNESIUM OXIDE

then MSM to help the skin healing. Vitamin C is a natural laxative.

5. LAXATIVE: I tried the natural laxative senna, while it was the most organic option on the market, it still caused me some cramps, it is never designed for long-term use. For some people work.

6. SUPPOSITORY: fundamental for healing and for facilitating the stool passages. Here is the only natural suppository