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Organic Pizza Los Angeles 

Here you will find The best places where to eat Organic Pizza and organic Gluten free pizza in Los Angeles.


I searched and tried the best Organic Pizza in Los Angeles. California and I listed here only the best Pizza where to eat organic pizza made with organic ingredients.


Only organic pizza in the Los Angeles area, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, West Hollywood, Hollywood, the Grove, Westfield Century City, Downtown LA, Santa Monica, Venice, Malibu, and Culver City.


Also Organic Vegan Pizza and  Organic gluten-free  Pizza in Los Angeles.

As you may know, Los Angeles is the capital of organic restaurants and places!

Chill Since 93 Organic Italian Pizza
Chill Since 93 Organic Italian Pizza

😍This is the Best Pizza. my number one recommended pizza. Mention Prettyorganicgirl for a free something!

They just opened at the Grove Los Angeles. This is my favorite place to get pizza. I am Italian so I can tell when a pizza is authentic or "wannabe!"

When I tried it the first time and ask for the owner and I told him, Jessie, how great his pizza was and how much his pizza remind me of the best pizza in Italy: "Bonci Pizza". Bonci is considered the number one pizza in Italy right now, made by the celebrity chef Bonci.

Jassie told me the reason why his pizza tastes like that is because he went to learn from Bonci himself! Bonci handpicks selected future pizza chefs to pass on his secret pizza recipe and Jessie was one is his selected.

I was so excited to learn about that and I went ahead to tell Jessie that his pizza is actually better than his master pizza since I found Bonci pizza a little bit of the greasy, fatty side, while Jassie has mastered to keep the amazing flavor in a healthier, lighter and more digestive way!

He was so glad to know that!

You don't need to go to Italy to taste the pizza since you have it here!

INGREDIENTS: "All flour and fresh products come from organic farms."

I recommend all their pizza from Margherita,  pizza with potatoes, and my favorite is the yummy pizza sandwiches.

Locations: The Grove Los Angeles 

Pizzana Organic Ground Flour 
Pizzana Organic Ground Flour 

Daniele Uditi created Pizzana formula made with an interpretation of the traditional Naples pizza with his own criteria for southern California.

Priority for consciously sourced ingredients and his signature "slow tough" fermented for 48 hours and made with organic, stone ground flour. For a lighter, easy-to-digest.

I tried their GF pizza in the West Hollywood location and I found it to be a little on the hard side.

The regular pizza (not GF) seems delicious though.

Locations: Brentwood, West Hollywood, Sherman Oaks, Silver Lake, and Dallas

Screenshot 2023-04-17 at 11.17.06 AM.png
Eataly Organic Flour Pizza

Eataly Pizza is made by expert Rossopomodoro Pizzaioli. I talked to them and the one At Eataly Los Angeles is an Italian authentic pizza expert who went to the Academy of Pizza in Naples. Be sure to check if he is there that day.

I tried even the Gluten Free pizza and it is my favorite: the best GF pizza around!

You will find Neapolitan pizza in golden wood-burning ovens. Again the pizza should be made by the Italian pizza guy. It tastes different when he is not there!

Locations: Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, NYC, Las Vegas, Dallas, Silicon Valley, 

Erewhon Organic Pizza

😍Amazing, amazing, amazing! Erewhon Market is Disneyland for organic foodies!

😃All their food prepared there is with all organic ingredients! 🍲🌯🌮

Great vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free organic options are offered as well!! 🍣😍

Organic Pizza made with organic flour, cheese, tomatoes!  

My favorite Pizza in Los Angeles! 😋

This is by far the best health-conscious, responsible grocery store, restaurant, market, and cafe in the Los Angeles area!!  Locations for now: Los Angeles (north of The Grove), Venice, and Calabasas.

They also offer online shopping and delivery or pickup.

Pizzoun Torrence Organic Pizza

They offer fresh, best tasting, locally grown ingredients. The taste and quality are the most important for them. Their farmers and providers are listed on their website. They show organic flour, organic tomatoes, organic cheese, organic greens. I didn't try it yet, but it looks interesting. I hope they will offer a Gluten Free pizza soon. 

Screenshot 2023-06-22 at 2.21.47 PM.png
Pura Vita Italian Vegan

💚Pura Vita, located in West Hollywood, is the first 100% Plant-Based Italian Restaurant and Wine Bar in the USA!

At Pura Vita they have created a unique dining experience that has the ambiance of a New York City wine bar with a traditional menu reflecting the best of Southern Italy.

They are proud of using the best organic, sustainable, clean, plant-based ingredients. Additionally, they have many organic gluten-free options for both pasta and bread, in an effort to make sure all of our guests can enjoy their dishes.

Pura Vita Pizzeria was opened 2 years later, right next door to Pura Vita. The Pizzeria offers 100% Plant-Based scratch-made Neapolitan style pizzas.

PrettyOrganicGirl LA Organic Food Tour 
PrettyOrganicGirl LA Organic Food Tour 

Come to taste with me the Best Organic Food in Los Angeles in the luxury of Telsa X (up 5 people)

Featuring the best organic bites and dishes from LA's top restaurants and healthy bars, plus organic drinks (organic juices & smoothies)

It's your chance to get L.A.'s best organic taste!

Featuring LA's best:

1. USDA Certified organic grass-fed burger

2. Organic smoothies

3. Organic sushi wild fish

4. Organic gluten-free bakery

5. Organic vegan Mexican food

6. Organic authentic Italian pizza

The tour is specifically designed to cover the best organic restaurants in the Los Angeles area starting at Westfield in Century City, exploring Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, and finishing at The Grove.

Learn more about the best organic restaurants in Los Angeles in my blog:

Tickets are not refundable.

For any questions/inquiries, email me:

FOOD ALLERGIES: If you have specific food allergies, please ensure that you inquire about the ingredients of each dish being served, directly from those serving it.

VEGAN, GLUTEN-FREE, and DAIRY-FREE options are available

Food is not included in the price! The price is for the car and driver time.

Free local pick up available in Beverly Hills

Minimum 2 people

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