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😍 I finally found beautifully made, all
Certified Organic Cotton Oven Mitts  

😍 I finally found beautifully made, all-organic oven mitts! I have been searching everywhere and there really are not many around made with organic cotton. 
​​💖They are not only organic but Certified Organic by GOTS aka Global Organic Textile Standard. Here is probably the best on the market, made with only 100% certified organic cotton, with no pesticides or toxic dyes typically found in conventional cotton that comes in contact with your skin! It’s amazing to think they are not only safer for us but for the planet as well! ​
​​🌿In fact, GOTS Certified guarantees that during manufacturing, water and energy are preserved and no pollution is involved. It saves water (71% less) and energy (62% less). That is great thinking because non-organic cotton is one of the most polluting crops in the world! ​
​​💖Thank you to The Organic Company for caring and making such luxurious items, because being sustainable, responsible, and organic is the luxury we need! ​

Certified Organic Apron 
  • Material: 100% GOTS certified organic cotton
    Weave: Twill Drill
    Size: 7-11 years, 60 x 80 cm​

  • Size: 3-6 years, 45 X 55 cm
    Suggested retail price: 155 DKK

  • Designed to bring generations together. The apron invites small chefs to help out in the kitchen.

  • Designed to bring generations together in the kitchen. The apron invites young chefs to cook, bake or to be creative.

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