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GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

Did you know that that Global Organic Textile Standards Certified Organic Cotton saves 94% of greenhouse gasses and 91% of clean water? It also does not permits any chemicals, pesticides, solvents,  and heavy metals during production. making the safest choice for us an the environment. Have you tried organic cotton? Once you touch it, you will feel the immediate difference that not only is stronger and superior quality, but it is so soft on your skin. Once you try organic cotton, you will never go back to conventional cotton!

Benefits of organic cotton:

  • no allergic reactions

  • super soft to the touch

  • higher quality

  • safer for us and the environment

  • no toxic dyes

  • no toxic pesticides

  • ethically produced

  • no GMOs

  • more durable

  • 91% of water saved

  • 94% of greenhouse gasses saved

Is Your Clothing Toxic? By Goop
Do you know that big fashion brands are

Do you know that big fashion brands are burning their unsold garments to maintain the prestige of their brand, instead of discounting products and losing prestige? To me, there is nothing about luxury here.👗👕👚🔥

Burberry reported that it had burned $36.8 million worth of clothing and accessories in the previous years and many other brands follow this wasteful practice, including #fastfashion brands.

Only France has finally banned the burning of unsold products. Manufacturers and retailers in France will have to resell, donate, or repurpose all unsold goods! 👏

🙅‍I do not support this practice of burning, so before buying a new item I check the brand's policy. I consider it to be more luxurious to have sustainable and safer manufacturing and practices. 🌿🍃Garments made with GOTS certified fabrics, that don’t allow chemicals, pesticides, save 91% of clean water 💦 and energy! My favorite is @wearpact. ✨

♻And I look to clothing recycling, where you can buy, sell, and trade your clothing as more acceptable options. Places like @Crossroadstrading @buffaloexchange @shopwasteland @greatlabelsla @shop.trove.

Online @tradesy  @poshmark @thredup and at @therealreal, has an amazing service if you are in LA ask for @kristinemillermarks she will come into your home to pick up your clothing! 🛍

🌎I want to see fashion bloggers with millions of followers instead of feeding this process, using their power to influence the brands they are collaborating with, to turn them into more responsible and sustainable. Brands and followers will listen! 💖

DO YOU KNOW: It takes 713 gallons of water to make a conventional T-shirt. 713 gallons of water is enough for a person to drink for 900 days.

💦The water consumption of organic cotton is 91% lower than conventional cotton

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