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Low Mercury fish

💠  Cold water fish are most frequently found in the oceans. 

Warm water fish are found in rivers, streams, lakes, and the ocean. 

Cold water fish are traditionally much larger than warm water fish. Due to the need to survive in a cold environment, cold water fish eat more and store more fat to grow larger. 

Cold water fish have a much higher level of fat in them than warm water fish. The fat levels allow the cold-water fish to stay warm in cold water. 

Cold water fish often contain higher levels of mercury due to their higher fat levels. Mercury is stored in the fat of the fish which is why consuming too much cold-water fish can potentially lead to mercury poisoning.


💠Salt water fish tend to have more omega-3s than freshwater varieties. They tend to live in deeper, colder water which makes it necessary for them to produce additional omega-3 fatty acids as insulation. Mackerel and sardines are particularly well-known for containing high amounts of this fatty acid.

Safest fish brand on the market. Only fish that has been tested for mercury below FDA safe zone standard. safer also for pregnancy. These salmon and tuna are tested to a mercury limit of 0.100 ppm, which is 22 times stricter than the FDA limit! 

💠Wild salmon is caught in natural environments such as oceans, rivers, and lakes,

It eats other organisms found in their natural environment, they are healthier and with brighter natural color. Rich of healthy omegas nutrients and minerals.

Farmed fish are contained in smaller spaces and it has a completely different diet and environment than wild fish. They are given a processed, high-fat, high-protein feed in order to produce larger fish. Since farmed salmon has three times the total fat of wild salmon, a large part of these fats are omega-6 fatty acids, making them more inflammatory.

Mercury and toxins 

Mercury and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) find their way into the ground, lake, and ocean water from industrial waste and household, and then into they reach fish. 

Some types of fish may contain high levels of mercury, PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls), dioxins and other environmental contaminants. Levels of these substances are generally highest in older, larger, predatory fish and marine mammals.

Five of the most commonly eaten fish or shellfish that are low in mercury are shrimp, canned light tuna, salmon, pollock, and catfish. Avoid eating shark, swordfish, king Mackerel, or tilefish because they contain high levels of mercury. FDA

I become very concerned about mercury and other toxins in fish. I reduced my fish intake, I replaced my fis oil with vegan fish oil (algae based) yo can find them here.

Sea To Table Responsable Wild Fish

Sea to Table works with other socially-responsible organizations that care about the health of our oceans and the safety of our food.

While the vast majority of seafood sold in the United States is imported from overseas, and often comes from poorly regulated industrial farms, all Sea to Table seafood is wild-caught from well-managed U.S. fisheries.

Their fish is flash-frozen to preserve freshness. 

Every pack of fish from Sea to Table is labeled with species name, where it was caught, the catch method, the best-by date… and sometimes even the name of the vessel that caught it.

Sea to Table is the only online seafood company to send samples of their fish to DNA test

Sea to Table Fish is DNA-Tested to Avoid Fish Fraud

to guarantee that their fish is truly wild, sustainable, and correctly labeled.

By analyzing the DNA of fish sold across the country, researchers have found that roughly a third of U.S. seafood is mislabeled.

My code PRETTYORGANICGIRL will give you $25 off plus free shipping for your first order!

Low Mercury Wild Pink Salmon 
Screen Shot 2021-09-12 at 5.50.26 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-09-12 at 5.50.09 PM.png


The lowest mercury limit of any salmon brand. It’s a great choice for athletes, kids & pregnant women!

💠Safe Catch’s inspired beginnings were brought to life by our founder’s care for his Mom, when she developed mercury poisoning from eating a daily regimen of tuna. As a scientist in training, Sean sprung into technical action, determined to prevent this from happening to other moms, infants, children, and everyone else.

💠MERCURY TESTED: they hand-select and test every, single, salmon, to a mercury limit 25 times (25x) lower than the FDA action limit. No other brand in the world does this. That is why Safe Catch Wild Pacific Pink Salmon is proven to meet Consumer Reports “Low Mercury” criteria set for pregnant and nursing women and young children.

💠Safe Catch Wild Pacific Pink Salmon is also the only salmon endorsed by the American Pregnancy Association. At Safe Catch, we test because we care.

  • 5.0 oz cans of Wild Pacific Pink Salmon

  • Mercury Tested – Lowest mercury limit of any brand!

  • Artisan Cook Process – Amazing taste and texture!

  • No Additives or Fillers – Just pure salmon!

  • Sustainably Caught!

💠After having any fish, I still recommend taking Nac Supplement as chelation and detoxification of heavy metals.

Whole Catch, Cold Smoked Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon
Screen Shot 2021-08-20 at 5.55.07 PM.png

💠  Salmon has considered one of the safest fish available since it contains a lower amount of mercury compared to other fish.

Skip the larger fish such as "king salmon" since larger is the fish more mercury have that is because they eat smaller fish.

Choose smaller fish.

Avoid farmed salmon and choose wild.

Alaska water is considered cleaner water and Atlantic salmon often is a deceiving marketing trick to sell you farmed salmon, 

  • This product is Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified. In order for a fishery to earn MSC certification, they’re evaluated by an independent third party in accordance with the MSC Fisheries Standard for healthy fish populations and ecosystems, and effective management.

  • All seafood from the Whole Foods Market Seafood department is Responsibly Farmed or sustainable wild-caught.

  • Certain preservatives prohibited, including sodium bisulfite and STPP

  • Traceable to farm or fishery

  • For the best salmon in the world, we headed north to the icy waters of Alaska. Our wild caught Sockeye Salmon is cold smoked in the tradition of the Pacific Northwest, using only applewood, and sliced to our specifications.

Safe Catch Healthiest  Tuna 

💠  I stopped having tuna for years for the high mercury level in it, I prefer to eat wild salmon since it is considered safer! After watching a "Shark Tank" episode, I found this tuna!

🎉 This tuna is tested to a mercury limit of 0.100 ppm, which is 22 times stricter than the FDA limit

💦 This makes this wild tuna as pure as wild salmon!

Also, this tuna retains omega 3s more than conventional tuna, it is hand-cut, BPA- free can, certified kosher, non-GMOs, no additives or fillers, dolphin-safe🐬

(no delphin gets hurt).

It is the safest on the market and it tastes great!

I only buy this one! Safecatchfoods safe for kids, pregnancy.

  • Mercury Tested – their purest tuna!

  • Artisan Cook Process – Amazing taste!

  • No Additives or Fillers – Just pure tuna!

  • Sustainably Caught!

After having any fish, I still recommend taking Nac Supplement as chelation and detoxification of heavy metals.

SafeCatch Low Mercury Tuna 

💠 I stopped eating tuna for years, because of the high mercury level in it. I prefer to eat wild salmon, since it is considered safer! Recently, after watching a Shark Tank episode, I found SafeCatch tuna! 🎉

This tuna is tested to a mercury limit of 0.100 ppm, which is 10 times stricter than the FDA limit! 💦This makes this wild tuna as pure as wild salmon!

Also, this tuna retains omega 3s more than conventional tuna. It is hand-cut, BPA-free can, certified Kosher, non-GMOs, no additives or fillers, dolphin-safe🐬 (no dolphins get hurt).

It is the safest on the market and it tastes great! I only buy this one! Safer for kids, pregnancy.💕

organic cutting boards, eco-friendly, non-toxic, mineral oil free, sustainable, food grade, made in the USA, organic wood cutting board, organic bamboo cutting board, glue-free
TreeBoard Organic Cutting Board

🌿This is my number one recommended cutting board!

🙋‍♀️As promised, here is the guide on how to pick the safest cutting board:
👉Rule out the toxic one:
1. ❌Plastic: plastic particles, BPA, phthalates contaminant
2. ❌Any cutting board with mineral oil: a petroleum-derived
3. ❌Any cutting board that contains glue. Since many contain toxic ingredients
4. ❌Epicurean: made with recycled material glued together. Including wood, paper, resins, and plastic. Plus bacteria issues.
❌Controversial one:
1. Bamboo: not the best option even when it is organic since it contains glue. Then we need to check if the glue is formaldehyde-free. I prefer to avoid any glue in a cutting board!
💚Pick the best, the safest cutting board you could get is:
✅1. one piece of wood, means it doesn’t need glue.
✅2. Better if it is made with sustainably sourced wood
✅3. Organic finish oil such as organic flaxseed oil, raw linseed oil, or organic carnauba wax.
✅4. Made in the USA
And you know what? 🎉This is the only brand that has it all!
👉Beautifully hand-made in Maryland from sustainable certified sourced lumber in a solid piece of wood, following the tradition by Will the founder.
👉Then finished with an organic mixture of plant-based carnauba wax and organic raw linseed oil
You can’t get a more natural and beautiful cutting board than these.
🌿Especially the maple cutting board: widely considered to be the best North American wood for cutting boards, since the grain is hard and fine, resisting gouges and the absorption of liquids or food scraps.
🎉Now that your research for the safest cutting board on the market brought you here, you have also found a promo code that is available until the end of the month.

🌿My code PRETTYORGANICGIRL will give 5% off your orders plus a free Organic Board Balm

MATERIAL: Natural maple or ash and white oak cutting blocks, organic flaxseed oil, and organic carnauba wax.

360 Cookware 4 Quart Stockpot 

🍃Welcome to your new “little oven,” the versatile 4-quart stainless steel stockpot that will become your go-to cookware for making one-pot dinners with ease and extra flavor.

This generously sized stock pot is actually two cookware pieces in one. First, it’s can be used on your stovetop where you can effortlessly bake.  Then, place the stock pot on the Slow Cooker Base and create an instant slow cooker, perfect for busy families. Set it and forget it as you come up to the warm aroma of stews, chilis, or succulent meat, so moist it falls off of the bone. 

 🍃360 Cookware is handcrafted in the USA. Oven Safe Up To 500 Degrees

PFAS-FREE and NO-stick: Did you know the reason why their stainless steel cookware pans do not stick? They use a dry sanding process which gives it a non-porous surface. No more chemical coatings! This also allows for easy clean-up as well. 

MATERIAL: T-304 Surgical Grade Stainless Steel
Handcrafted in the U.S.A 360 Cookware is made of three primary metals that are bonded together, with a .110 gauge of thickness. The inside layer (cooking surface) is T-304 Surgical Grade Stainless Steel, 18/8. (18/8) refers to the percentage amount of chromium and nickel in the metal. In this case, it’s 18% chromium and 8% nickel.

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