Organic Tote Bags

GOTS Certified organic tote bag, shopping bag, farmers market bag
Simple Ecology GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Double Handle String Bag

🍃 This tote bag is made with 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. It is a super soft string and pretty.

Amazingly stretchy, the bags may appear small but expand to carry a big load, a lot more than you would expect while still being remarkably strong. You can easily see the bag contents through the netting, which makes for a perfect beach bag since the sand falls right through. Keep a few in your car for unexpected stops, empty bags fit easily into a purse, briefcase, glove box, or pocket. String Bags are extremely versatile

🍃 HEAVY-DUTY DESIGN with thicker string and wider edge tape & handles for a strong, durable, and fashionable bag that stretches to fit a large capacity

🍃 BOTH LONG AND SHORT HANDLES for comfortable carrying by hand or on shoulder

🍃Great for shopping, beach trips, picnics, tailgates, school, gym, toy carrying, or almost anything else

MATERIAL: Made of certified organic cotton diamond net fabric. GOTS certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) for both Ecology and Social Responsibility; for the entire production process, including growing, harvesting, spinning yarn, weaving/knitting fabric, and sewing bags. Since they're made of unprocessed cotton, they bring additional benefits to our health and environment by avoiding highly toxic pesticides, fertilizers, and bleaches used in regular cotton crops. Designed, packaged, and shipped in the United States, cotton grown and bags manufactured in India.

Hot Water Soluble Tote Bag
Bonnie Bio 100% Biodegradable Tote Bag

🍃 This tote bag is 100% biodegradable, it fully dissolves when in contact with hot water. While you can still clean it with cold water and soap. 

🍃 Made from corn starch, which allows it to be compostable and biodegradable 100%.

When it breaks due to the exposure of oxygen, heat, UV Light & microbial activities, this biodegradable bag will decompose creating eco-friendly byproducts such as carbon dioxide, biomass, and water.

🍃 Making it the safest solution to the environment.

No toxins are leached into the environment whilst decomposing.  Even the ink used to print on the bag is eco-friendly: it is soy-based ink.

🍃 This eco-friendly shipping bag is great for the clothing, fashion industry, grocery shopping.

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MATERIAL: 100% biodegradable corn starch and soy based ink