Family Owned Business

Family-owned business versus big corporations!
🔎 Reading the label is the most powerful tool that we the consumers have!
It can help us decide if the products are safe and allow us to shape the market through demanding safer alternatives! By reading labels, it becomes apparent we can trust and support smaller family-owned businesses.
🔎 Why?
Because often, big corporations’ main interest is to be profitable at the expense of the environment, workers, and us--the consumers.
Some have been selling us cheap, unsafe products, full of fragrances, and misleading us by giving us the impression their products are good for us!
Since we are demanding transparency and safer products, big companies started to make new natural products, mostly because they want to avoid losing profits after realizing consumers are moving toward healthier products!
🔎 How clean are their natural products?
They do it by adding only one natural ingredient or removing just one toxic element from their inexpensive formulations, but their products can still remain cheap and unsafe! They might also use the greenwashing strategy, to cover up their dirty secrets, so be sure to read the labels on the back carefully and skip their marketing claims on the front of the packaging!
💚 On the other hand, family owned businesses are created by real people, who might have seen something lacking in the market, some could not find natural and safe products to be used safely by their family, so they made what was missing! Thanks to their problem solving skills and the need to do better, they came up with organic, safer, and eco-friendly products that we all can enjoy.
💻 My marketing and business studies background allows me to differentiate real from misleading claims! After 10 years of studying and analyzing every product label I could read, I learned that many safer and healthier products on the market are made by smaller family owned businesses!

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💙 I support green companies that want to help people achieve the health and lifestyle they deserve! After all, we pay for products and services, so why not be paying for something that benefits us?!

That means to start viewing the products not for their attractive packaging claims, but by reading the ingredient lists for food, cosmetics, and even clothing! I

know that we deserve better and more companies that think about our future.

We are strong enough to send to the other companies (the ones with only financial goals in mind) the message that their marketing strategies (including greenwashing) are not working with us!

They have left us with no choice but to seek out more transparent and eco-conscientious products made with respect for the environment! We are making an impact that is changing the market by demanding a more organic and healthier lifestyle! 
I am glad to know that I have changed the way my followers think about making a purchase, with a better understanding of how to analyze a product: this is my biggest reward! Thank you for being a part of this change!💙 💖 💙 💖 💙