My Mission

💗🎉I am amazed to see how my lovely community has grown to MORE THEN 10,000! I am so excited to see how my passion in bringing awareness to alternatives to conventional products, and showing healthier and organic choices in our lives has touched so many people!
💚My journey started years ago, when I first researched a lesser known world, the world of more natural and responsible companies! 
I went deeper and searched through ingredient lists, learned their effects, and became aware there are choices, better choices that exist!
💙I understood that not everyone was aware of this, which is why I started my blog! While I continually tried to inform family, friends, and people who I met in the gym or grocery store, I wanted to reach more people!
💚I realized that with our choices, we make an impact, and that impact can benefit us, our community, the environment, and improve the market demand for more responsible and transparent companies! Leaving no choice to the other companies, but to follow their example!
💙How powerful we can be when we take care of our health and the health of the planet!
Grateful to have such smart, curious, responsible, activist, determined for change, educated followers!
💖I thank every single one of you for being a part of this journey. I couldn't do what I do without you! THANK YOU for being part of this pretty organic lifestyle and for being so inspiring! 🌍

💖We need to be grateful every day!
I want to share with you how grateful every day I am to be in this amazing community of visionary people. To be able to reach so many of you and share information and the tools of a healthy and organic world! I know that change requires more energy and effort than just buying the same toothpaste or shampoo that you are familiar with, so it is inspiring when I see you deciding to buy organic products, showing that you are ready to make the healthy switch for a better you and a better community! 
I know that this switch is also necessary when it is proven the traditional big names brands are not making the healthy products they want you to feel it is! I learned years ago that we would need to be educated in order to make the best decision for us, our family’s health, and the environment. The reason for this blog is so I could inform and share what I learned during my path. My blog shows the best products in their category I have found. It is my mission to inspire others and to help you get the best available out there! I have even rejected companies asking me to promote them when I didn’t believe in their products or companies! I only talk about what I believe in and use personally! My website is the most accurate organic database about products and services in all the categories I could think of. I could not find a place where all the content was organic and safe, so I made one! Many people reach me asking how to buy “my” products. I simply reply that I don’t sell them, I only redirect to the company websites. My website does not have any affiliated links! This is a guide to give people the right tools to make the best choices for our health and for the environment!🌎

💙As you may know, I created this account because I believe that together we can change the world. 🌎
I believe that when we all embrace a more organic lifestyle, it is not only better for us, but for our environment! 🍃
💚It is my mission to educate and share what is available in the organic world! 
I have been sharing my favorite organic and sustainable products, services, places, brands, and eco entrepreneurs!

💙 I support green companies that want to help people achieve the health and lifestyle they deserve! After all, we pay for products and services, so why not be paying for something that benefits us?! That means to start viewing the products not for their attractive packaging claims, but by reading the ingredient lists for food, cosmetics, and for even clothing! I know that we deserve better and more companies that think about our future. We are strong enough to send to the other companies (the ones with only financial goals in mind) the message that their marketing strategies (including greenwashing) are not working with us! They have left us with no choice but to seek out more transparent and eco-conscientious products made with respect for the environment! We are making an impact that is changing the market by demanding a more organic and healthier lifestyle! 
I am glad to know that I have changed the way my followers think about making a purchase, with a better understanding of how to analyze a product: this is my biggest reward! Thank you for being a part of this change!💙💖💙💖💙

💙Yayyy! Legislation has been proposed for a new label in the apparel industry, which would help protect marine life! 
If passed in California, a new label will require disclosing when a garment is made of 50% or more from synthetic fibers! 
This new proposed law targets plastic micro fibers shed from clothing made with synthetic fabrics.
California State Assemblyman Richard Bloom says, “...synthetic fibers are, by count, the single largest contributor to watershed plastic pollution in developed countries and account for a significant portion of plastic waste entering the ocean.” It is suggested the label read, “This garment sheds plastic microfibers when washed, which contributes to marine plastic pollution.” If the governor signs it, the law would take effect January 1, 2020.
A study found about one quarter of the fish sampled in a California market contained plastic!! This is fish that will end up on someone’s plate.
What can we do until then? 
Avoid synthetic materials such as: polyester, acrylic, nylon, rayon, acetate, and spandex. Choose instead GOTS certified material such as cotton, linen, wools, silk, and eco-friendly bamboo, hemps, and ramie (flowering plant). There are so many options now for eco-friendly, beautiful apparel. The choice is up to you!💙​

💙Happy Earth Day!! For me, this is a very important day since it is the core of my page! I’m super excited to see how many amazing organic and green brands are coming out and all this thanks to brave and caring entrepreneurs and the support of people like you who choose a product with love and care for our beautiful planet! This is an amazing journey that brings our community closer as a big family! So empowering to see this organic movement and so excited to be a part of it! Let’s make everyday Earth-day!!