Te Wai ~ ‘The Water 

Te Wai ~ The Water  Facial Spray

Do you know what the first thing is that I look at in a product?
The ingredient list!
1️⃣First, I notice how long it is: the shorter, the better
2️⃣Check the bottom of their ingredients, there often are hidden preservatives
3️⃣I check for fragrances: make sure that it has approved natural ingredients
4️⃣Rest of the ingredients
💚Here is a new favorite brand! A new release just landed in the organic world:
Te Wai water 💦Hydrating Fine-mist Facial spray! Made with pure and untouched New Zealand Water, infused with 5 native plants.
Not only it is all-natural, but I am also impressed with the choice of their rare and wild herbs and bio-active extracts from flowers.

🍃Kawakawa 🌸Manuk 🌿Mammaku 🌸Kowhai 🍃Pohutukawa
💚They all sound so exotic, these herbs have been used in Maori traditional herbal medicine for their healing properties: Anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, anti-microbial, and analgesic.
💦Hydrating, Soothing, and Moisturizing, it reduces impurities, while increasing healthy skin barrier.
✨For any skin issues and conditions from acne, inflammation to anti-aging and dryness. Exotic water with a touch of a natural wild flower scent!
✅I approve this product since I checked every single ingredient and I analyzed their fragrance ingredient breakdown, the company provided me with that!
🌿Here it is, a new refreshing approved skincare water that promotes cell regeneration for a flawless skin, just in time for the dry season!