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Ingredients to avoid

▪   Aspartame (Also Called Aminosweet, Nutrasweet, Equal Spoonful, Canderel, Benevia, E951 (U.K. & European Code))

▪   Baking Powder

▪   Canola Oil (Rapeseed Oil)

▪   Caramel Color

▪   Cellulose

▪   Citric Acid

▪   Cobalamin (Vitamin B12)

▪   Colorose

▪   Condensed Milk

▪   Confectioners Sugar

▪   Corn Flour

▪   Corn Masa

▪   Corn Meal

▪   Corn Oil

▪   Corn Sugar

▪   Corn Syrup

▪   Cornstarch

▪   Cottonseed Oil

▪   Cyclodextrin

▪   Cystein

▪   Dextrin

▪   Dextrose

▪   Diacetyl

▪   Diglyceride

▪   Erythritol

▪   Equal

▪   Food Starch

▪   Fructose (Any Form)

▪   Glucose


▪   Glucose

▪   Glutamate

▪   Glutamic Acid

▪   Glycerides

▪   Glycerin

▪   Glycerol

▪   Glycerol Monooleate

▪   Glycine

▪   Hemicellulose

▪   High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)

▪   Hydrogenated Starch

▪   Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein

▪   Inositol

▪   Inverse Syrup

▪   Inversol

▪   Invert Sugar

▪   Isoflavones

▪   Lactic Acid

▪   Lecithin

▪   Leucine

▪   Lysine

▪   Malitol

▪   Malt

▪   Malt Syrup

▪   Malt Extract

▪   Maltodextrin

▪   Maltose

▪   Mannitol

▪   Methylcellulose

▪   Milk Powder

▪   Milo Starch

▪   Modified Food Starch

▪   Modified Starch

▪   Mono And Diglycerides

▪   Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)

▪   Nutrasweet

▪   Oleic Acid

▪   Phenylalanine

▪   Phytic Acid

▪   Protein Isolate

▪   Shoyu

▪   Sorbitol

▪   Soy Flour

▪   Soy Isolates

▪   Soy Lecithin

▪   Soy Milk

▪   Soy Oil

▪   Soy Protein

▪   Soy Protein Isolate

▪   Soy Sauce

▪   Starch

▪   Stearic Acid

▪   Sugar (Unless Specified As Cane Sugar)

▪   Tamari

▪   Tempeh

▪   Teriyaki Marinades

▪   Textured Vegetable Protein

▪   Threonine

▪   Tocopherols (Vitamin E)

▪   Tofu

▪   Trehalose

▪   Triglyceride

▪   Vegetable Fat

▪   Vegetable Oil

▪   Vitamin B12

▪   Vitamin E

▪   Whey

▪   Whey Powder

▪   Xanthan Gum


ARTIFICIAL COLORS (not derived from natural foods; chemically engineered to resemble color)

ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS (not derived from natural foods; chemically engineered to resemble flavor)


CORN STACH (GMO-derived if not Organic)

CORN SYRUP (form of sugar that affects the glycemic index; chemically altered to attain its syrup-like consistency)  HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP (immune-suppressant chemically altered for malleability; GMO causes many health issues)

MALTODEXTRIN (used as emulsifying agent and is monosaccharaide, an industrial additive and GMO derived)

MSG = Monosodium Glutamate (Excito toxin which can lead to various neuro disorders)

NATURAL FLAVORS (must state source)

POTASSIUM FERROCYANIDE (anti-caking agent known to cause Asthma)

PROCESSED FLOUR (causes spike in glycemic index, processig strips flour of necessary nutrients)

PROCESSED SUGAR (suppresses the immune system and is an excito toxin)

RAPESEED OIL (industrial lubricant and not meant for human consumption)

SACCHARIN (is known to cause cancer)

SODIUM BENZOATE (Bio-accumulative and cancer causing food preservative)

SODIUM NITRATE (food coloring and preservative that can lead to heart disease and possibly cancer)

SOYBEAN OIL (GMO-derived and contains phytic acid; causes indigestion and allergic reactions)

YEAST EXTRACT (Excito toxin and another name for Mono-Sodium Glutamate (MSG)


As promised, here is the list of the top 5 brain killer foods:
❌ MSG (monosodium glutamate): toxic ingredient that causes headaches, high blood pressure, and can literally kill brain cells. It goes under clever names, such as: HYDROLYZED PROTEIN, NATURAL FLAVORS, and AUTOLYZED YEAST EXTRACT.
❌ ASPARTAME: 100% synthetic and zero nutritional value, misleading as low glycemic health food, sold under the label NUTRASWEET or EQUAL. Aspartame and MSG are excitotoxins: they stimulate and then kill brain cells.
❌ SUCRALOSE: sold under the label Splenda, fake sugar, it is Sucralose made by chlorinated artificial sweetener like Aspartame. It is a toxic combination of chlorine, combined with carbon, typical of pesticides and herbicides. Avoid any substance derived by chlorine, including cleaning detergents!
❌ DIACETYL: found in buttery popcorn, like the kind sold in movie theaters. This brain toxin crosses the blood brain barrier, attacking brain memory. It goes undetected under “artificial flavors” or “natural flavors” among the ingredients. Just like fragrances, “flavors” can contain dangerous toxic ingredients that aren’t being disclosed to us! This is an industry trick!!
❌ ALUMINUM: this heavy metal is neurotoxic, it is not enough to choose aluminum free deodorant. We must also check our drinking water, supplements, antacid, baking powder, cans, foil, and cookware. And check if they have been tested for heavy metals, as required by CALIFORNIA proposition 65 warning! If you don’t know what it is, search for it on my blog, where I list only products that have been checked for heavy metals.

✅Since I am in California, I have access to product warnings! To find the approved products without heavy metals, follow me and check my blog:
10 years of product research, 400 pages, thousands of labels reviewed. ✅More than 100 approved brands, promo codes, tips on how to avoid being misled by tricky marketing tactics, such as greenwashing!
Together we can show them that their tricks won’t work with us!

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