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💗 ⛄️ Ready for the season? Here are the most environmentally friendly yarns! I find knitting to be very relaxing and work with certified organic yarns is even better. You know that you are in contact only with safe and pure wool and cotton without the risks of chemicals and pesticide sprays to the crops and dyes. Plus you are supporting environmentally friendly practices.

How to be sure that your yarn is organic?

Easy: search for the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) logo. This guarantees that it is in compliance with the strict rules of the certification.

First, it will be the answer if you have sensitive skin and you want to support sustainable practices that use 100% organic ingredients and sustainable dyes only without the use of toxic chemicals that end up in your skin. And the quality is superior besides to be softer and safer.

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Organic Wool and Cotton Yarns
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