Organic Flower Therapy

I have been using @terressentials products for years, and they are great! Here is my organic flower therapy 🌸replenishing facial cream. It feels nourishing to my skin leaving it fresh and moisturized with a light texture. It comes in glass jar and you just need a very small quantity. 🌺The body version is light as well and I like to mix it with an organic body oil. It helps the oil to penetrate completely! Made with organic aloe vera juice 🍃organic marshmallow, organic calendula are a must! Recommended for sensitive skin as well! 🎀🌸 hand craft, all certified organic by USDA 👏 

USDA Certified Organic Flower Therapy Mask

🌷A beautiful detoxifying, organic facial treatment that’s an antioxidant powerhouse! Completely natural and organic hibiscus flower and raspberry fruit acids, super vitamins and anthocyanins in a purely refined powder. 🌷Superbly nutritive for your skin and easy to use! Just mix with pure water for gentle exfoliation and rejuvenation of tired or weathered skin. Enough for approx. 12-15 treatments. Suitable for most skin types.

🌷Ingredients: Organic hibiscus flowers, freeze-dried organic raspberries.

🌷It feeds the skin with powerful antioxidant from the flowers and fruits. I enjoy it a couple times a week mixed with spring water by Avene.  

🌷After rinsing it I apply Organic Flower Therapy Replishining Facial cream by Terressentials.

Terressentials Mud Hair Wash

🎉Fans of Terressentials, big news!🎉Terressentials is offering 20% off to my followers!!😍 I have been using their products for years. It was one of the first truly organic companies I found during my search for organic products long ago, when I decided to move into the green world! 💚 Terressentials has been and still continues to be a must in beauty care!✨ Their skincare products are amazingly pure, with their natural and organic ingredients clearly listed on their website! 🍃
I use many of their products, including the 🌸organic flower therapy replenishing facial cream, so fresh with nourishing anti-aging properties, that comes in a glass container, perfect also for sensitive skin! 👶Their baby products are my favorite too, offering a newborn version designed for their super delicate skin! I used their deep mud wash shampoo to detoxify from conventional hair products! I was surprised to see my hair change. ✨It was light and healthy, shine after the first treatment!😍 Many curly-haired people use Terressentials shampoo and they find it works better than traditional shampoo! 🌺 Terressentials is generously offering a huge promotion just for my followers for a limited time only!! 🙋To get the code go to my link in my profile! 🍃

USDA Certified Organic Baby Care

🌸 👶Are you looking for safe organic baby products? 🍃 Terressentials has thought about you! 😍 This collection of organic baby wash, baby lotion and baby oil has been made with certified organic ingredients such as organic virgin coconut oil infused with organic calendula and chamomile, delicate for you and your baby! 
I have been using them personally for years and I love their products, they are so delicate and they smell sooo good! 🌺

They also offer Organic Fragrance-free Baby Body Care Products for newborns to 6 months and for sensitive adults, perfect for pregnant and nursing mommies!

✅ Certified organic, hand crafted, Non-GMO, Paraben-free, phthalate-free, sulfate-free!
🍃 All their ingredients are clearly listed on their website where they also educate about organic world! 🎉 For my followers I'm excited to share my special code!