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I am an organic blogger and social media content creator passionate about an organic lifestyle while educating my community about safer and eco-friendly products versus conventional ones.

Background: Public Relations and Publicity, Bachelor's Degree in Milan, Italy. Masters in Marketing Luxury Brand Management in Milan, Italy. Masters of Professional Studies in Entrepreneurship. Master's Degree in Digital Marketing at UCLA. 

In the links below, you will find information about my eco-conscious audience, blog records, and my previous collaborations.

I can’t wait to hear more about your brand’s goals and start to develop a productive plan with you. Together, we will create a powerful, successful, and dynamic campaign.

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$200  Brand Blog Page
$150  Product Blog Post
$150  Photo rights

Package: $250
50% off ($500 Value)
  • Brand Blog Page
  • Product Blog Post
  • Photo rights 


$150   IG reel or post
$150   IG giveaway
$25     IG Story
Package: $350
50% off ($700 Value)   
  • x3  IG reel or posts   $450
  • x1  IG giveaway $150
  • x4  IG stories   $100

Blog + Instagram Packages: $600 
more than 50% off ($1200Value)

Brand Blog Page: 

This is a dedicated page for a brand. Example

It includes:

  • Brand history and introduction

  • Product review and my pictures

  • All my posts shared on Instagram 

  • Click to purchase links 

  • Promo codes and affiliate links

  • Products Reviews from my audience

Product Blog PostExample

  • Brand products are listed under each category in my blog for purchase.

  • Example: Eye cream products will be listed under the "eye cream" page.

  • Affiliate programs or promo codes to track the referrals.

Photo rights: it will give you permission to use my pictures.

Work examples:

Honey Girl Organics


Mattress page

IG Posts: 

Instagram posts with my pictures and promo code.​ Topics:

  • brand intro

  • product review 

  • products description

  • label analysis

IG Reel:

IG Giveaway post:

Instagram giveaway in collaboration with the brand. Collaborator post.

IG story: Stories featuring the products, shopping links to purchase, and promo codes.

Work Examples:




Eco Koala POST

Badger REEL

Earth Day Giveaway

Multi Brand collaborations



Lady Suite

Dr Brite