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Nice to meet you!


I am an organic blogger and social media content creator passionate about an organic lifestyle while educating my community about safer and eco-friendly products versus conventional ones.

Background: Public Relations and Publicity, Bachelor's Degree in Milan, Italy. Masters in Marketing Luxury Brand Management in Milan, Italy. Masters of Professional Studies in Entrepreneurship. Master's Degree in Digital Marketing at UCLA. 

In the links below, you will find information about my eco-conscious audience, blog records, and my previous collaborations.

I can’t wait to hear more about your brand’s goals and start to develop a productive plan with you. Together, we will create a powerful, successful, and dynamic campaign.

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  • Amazon
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$500  Brand Blog Page
$350  Product Blog Post
$350  Photo rights

Package: $600
50% off ($1200 Value)
  • Brand Blog Page $500
  • Product Blog Post $350
  • Photo rights $350


$200   IG reel or post
$200   IG giveaway
$100     IG Story
Package: $600
50% off ($1200 Value)   
  • x3  IG reel or post   $600
  • x1  IG giveaway $200
  • x4  IG stories   $400

Blog + Instagram Packages: $1000 
more than 50% off ($240Value)

Brand Blog Page: 

This is a dedicated page for a brand. Example

It includes:

  • Brand history and introduction

  • Product review and my pictures

  • All my posts shared on Instagram 

  • Click to purchase links 

  • Promo codes and affiliate links

  • Products Reviews from my audience

Product Blog PostExample

  • Brand products are listed under each category in my blog for purchase.

  • Example: Eye cream products will be listed under the "eye cream" page.

  • Affiliate programs or promo codes to track the referrals.

Photo rights: it will give you permission to use my pictures.

Work examples:

Honey Girl Organics


Mattress page

IG Posts: 

Instagram posts with my pictures and promo code.​ Topics:

  • brand intro

  • product review 

  • products description

  • label analysis

IG Reel:

IG Giveaway post:

Instagram giveaway in collaboration with the brand. Collaborator post.

IG story: Stories featuring the products, shopping links to purchase, and promo codes.

Work Examples:








Contact me to customize a plan that meets your needs and budget!

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Hi and thank you for your interest in collaborating with me. You can learn more about me here

My website is 800 pages full of the best organic products on the market.

It is the most accurate organic database, and resource about organic and eco-friendly products and services in all the categories I could imagine. On my website and Instagram page, I educate, inform, and inspire how to shop in a healthier way, that benefits my audience and our environment.

My community is bound by the desire for safer products. They trust me and my recommendations enough to buy the products they give to their kids. They know the work I do for them in order to finally recommend and approve brands with confidence. It is hard and dedicated work that started in 2016 and long tireless research brought me the knowledge and defined my authority in this field.

The most important organic brands of any field in the market collaborated with me: 

Dr. Bronner’s, Badger, Avocado Green, LastObject, and Cosmic Bliss. All my Brand Collaborations


Featured in Martech Webinar to pitch me their brands and missions: Kayla Castro from Avocado Green Mattress, Kayla McDonald from eAccountable and Parks Project, and DeAnna Varilias of LaRue PR and Repurpose and Yesica Lepe of Gen3 Marketing and Healthy Baby

My background in marketing studies has given me knowledge on how to analyze and spot real from greenwashing marketing claims. Consequently how to inform, educate, inspire, and my audience on how to make the best choices for them and their family. 


My content is not just pretty pictures but is supported by scientific studies, brand and product investigations, years of label reading, and ingredient analysis. I won’t recommend to my followers anything that I won’t use personally. I need to believe in the brand.


A brand should consider all the hard work and experience behind PrettyOrganicGirl.

If your brand meets my criteria and I can recommend them, then I am excited to share it with my smart and educated community! 

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