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💖 Since there are still many cosmetic companies selling conventional and high chemical products, there are still people who need to be educated. Many still trust the big names, big companies, and corporations, assuming their products are not harmful. 

✨ It is why I created this page! To educate you on what is really inside products, to introduce you to safer alternatives. I want you to be able to spot conventional-unsafe products and find better-safer alternatives. Once you have learned and have the knowledge, you feel empowered, ready for change for the better.🌈

🌿 Be aware of green-washing marketing strategies, with not so eco-friendly products that claim to be “non-toxic,” ''natural,” or even “organic” using the color green or carefully crafted graphics on the packaging to mislead us, the consumers into making a purchase. Remember that these words are not legally regulated and if there isn't a USDA Organic Certification seal displayed on a product, they can say anything they want.  

🌟 On the other hand, there are many responsible companies that care about us and the planet. They work hard to offer us what we want and they clearly list every single ingredient. They go through expensive and strict certification screening in order to carry the USDA Organic Certificate seal. They are the ones that deserve to be rewarded with our wallet!
Let’s be educated, empowered, and shape the market, for our own wellness and the health of our planet!

PrettyOrganicGirl has collaborated with more than 106 organic brands
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