Pact Organic Clothing 

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PACT GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Mask

I use them they are very comfortable and soft on my skin. They are made with 100% Organic Cotton, GOTS Certified Organic Cotton in a Fair Trade Certified™ Factory. If you double layer I suggest putting those under so your skin will be in contact with safer material. I put those under a KN95 filter mask.

Made from leftover Softspun Tee fabric—talk about comfy and sustainable! 

  • 🍃 These protective reusable face masks were made to be worn when leaving your house for essential tasks that require social distancing.

  • 🍃 Made from 100% organic cotton with an anti-microbial inner layer and splash-resistant outer layer for added protection. Elastic ear straps

  • 🍃 Sold in convenient 3-pack using leftover materials from Fall 2020 production

  • 🍃 Non-medical grade

  • 🍃 Anti-microbial and splash-resistant finishes will last up to 50 washes and the masks will still be fine to use after that

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