👩🏻‍💼I wanted to move my mission and p
Moo Eco-Friendly  Business Cards 

👩🏻‍💼I wanted to move my mission and passion for the eco-friendly world to the next level, so I decided to print some business cards!

🌿🌳I looked for an eco-friendly, tree-free way to print my first business cards and... I was excited when I found these: made from 100% recycled T-shirt offcuts!👚👕

How amazing, made with by-products! These cotton pieces are usually thrown away! Instead, they are now in my eco-friendly business cards made from T-shirts! A small step to reduce waste from the fashion industry. They look beautiful and have a unique, soft texture! 🌟

♻These scraps have a new life now and I am so excited and proud when I give them to new people! Ready for new connections!

What do you think of my brand new eco-friendly business cards?  With my link, you will get 25% off!💫

💖P.S. Thank you for allowing me to do this. Without your support, It wouldn’t be possible! #Grateful!

Eco Tape Scotch Transparent Greener Tape
  • 🌿 Even when choosing tape with can be environmentally responsible, and this version is a more environmentally-friendly version of the classic, glossy finish transparent tape. I used it works great!

  • 🌿 Made from over 65% recycled or plant based-based material

  • 🌿 Same strong holding power as Scotch Transparent Tape

  • 🌿 Crystal clear, Photo-safe

  • 🌿 Ideal for multi-purpose sealing and label protection

  • 🌿 Glides off the roll smoothly, cuts easily

  • 🌿 Made in the USA with globally sourced materials

  • 🌿 Makes a great complement to the shiny gift-wrapping paper

  • 🌿 Easy-to-apply design that doesn't dry out or yellow