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Non Toxic Beverly Hills

I found this amazing community when I was terminated to do something about the pesticides that are sprayed everywhere, especially in public spaces and parks. I reached Diana the founder who is the national leading expert, exceptionally knowledgable and so educative on the topic! We spent an hour on the phone talking about how we can improve our community from the toxic and harmful chemical invasion!  

Conventional Pesticides & Fertilizers

Conventional pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, created by greedy cooperation and irresponsible companies, are not only highly toxic to us, our pets, our neighbors, and the environment, but they are also unnecessary. In 2018 Cornell University tested homes for these powerful herbicides and pesticides and found each one in every home they tested:

  • 2,4-D



  • MCPP





Non Toxic Communities

If you need expert guidance, resources, education, and information for your garden or for your city's parks to reach Non-toxic Communities. 

The president is Diana Carpinone, a national expert in removing harmful pesticides from our environment.

I am excited to collaborate with her to remove pesticides from the parks of Beverly Hills!

Reach her here: 


Free Organic Advocate Online Training

They offer free Organic Advocate Online Training

​Download these sample documents to send to your city council, city manager, and other officials. Use the flyer to share information with other residents and gain support.

Strategy Guide

The strategy Guide is a step-by-step guide full of practical advice to support anyone starting a local campaign for pesticide reform based on the experiences of successful groups and advocates.


Leaf Gas Blowers Ban

Experts say lawn and garden equipment represents about 85% of all SOREs in operation today nationally, and those engines are typically manufactured without the pollution controls used on cars.

In many states and cities leaf gas blowers are banned, but many are still using them. To make this transaction from gas to electric leaf blower reach Dan, the expert on this topic AGZA 

Daniel Mabe, founder, and president of the American Green Zone Alliance. 

AGZA advises organizations and governments on best practices to adopt when transitioning to electric equipment but doesn't take a position  on bans or restrictions.

Advocates say using a commercial gas leaf blower for an hour produces emissions equal to driving from Denver to Los Angeles. Among cities and states with bans or limits: California; Burlington, Vermont; and Washington, D.C. Vancouver, British Columbia, also have restrictions in place.


California Law

California ban phases in next year and prohibits the sale of new small gas engines. People can keep using the ones they already own and can resell used ones.

Washington, D.CLaw

Washington has a much stricter ban, barring the use of gas-powered leaf blowers by anyone within the district as of Jan. 1, 2022, and levying $500 fines for violators, unless they're on federal property. The ban also allows anyone who sees or hears a gas-powered leaf blower to file a complaint – they don't need a city inspector to witness it. 

"Transitioning to battery-powered landscaping equipment is a more sustainable alternative that would move us closer to meeting climate action goals and reduce harmful health effects," said the California-based group San Diegans for Sustainable, Equitable & Quiet Equipment in Landscaping.


Parks are places where we can all relax, have recreational experiences and regenerate. Enjoy the green space and the healing effects that only nature can offer. We regenerate physically and mentally when in contact with nature. That is the way it is supposed to be, but when we are spending time in parks covered by pesticides we are getting intoxicated by the chemicals.

We should not be concerned for the kids playing around or for our dogs, we should be able to walk barefoot if we want to or have a picnic without concern about what we get in contact with and free to lay down on green grass and hug the trees to get their powerful therapy.

Nature is generous to us and we should protect it instead of covering and suffocating it with unnecessary harmful chemicals that are making someone these chemical companies rich.

A park that is free of pesticides offers a safer and healthier environment for people and wildlife alike, without the risks associated with toxic chemicals. Pesticides can contaminate the soil and water, killing off important insects and wildlife and contributing to the park's biodiversity. Without pesticides, the park can also offer a more vibrant and diverse landscape, providing a natural habitat for various species. Enjoying a pesticide-free park promotes a healthy ecosystem, a beautiful and welcoming landscape, and a safer and more enjoyable experience for everyone.

"We believe that all communities have the right to be healthy.  This means clean air, clean water, and an environment free from toxic chemicals. We support citizens to advocate for public health where they live."

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Non Toxic Communities

🌿I am actively getting involved with my community to eliminate toxic pesticides and synthetic fertilizers from Beverly Hills Parks
💖With the help of national leader and expert Diana Carpinone who already helped several cities, local parks, schools, and universities all over the United States!
👉Her website is the best resource to create your “non-toxic community” in your area!
👏It is amazing to see that cities such as • Manhattan Beach
the City council voted unanimously in May 2019 for all-organic landscaping practices. 
🎉Working on bringing the same goals in Beverly Hills!
🌿You can start a non-toxic community! Reach Diana she is amazing!

Non Toxic Communities

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