Raacine USDA Certified Organic

🌟I am always so interested when I see a brand when it displays the USDA organic seal. There is always an extra trust behind that seal, which means the organization has reviewed and approved every single ingredient for us!!
✅What is amazing is it needs to pass the strict seal regulations to meet USDA organic standards. That is for the ingredients and for the production. 
👉The seal is expensive to get and is the same that certifies organic food.
In order to get the seal, products need to be made with at least 95% organic ingredients, no pesticides or toxic chemicals are allowed.

👉In other words, when you see the seal it means you can take it with you home!
💖With RAACINE products, you know you are getting the best quality ingredients, made in the best way you can possibly find.
🌿Raccine has impressed me with its skincare collection, created by the amazing three sisters, with the goal of achieving the healthiest skin with the best organic ingredients, with their organic face cleanser, toner, serum, day cream, eye cream, exfoliant masks, and their vegan collection!
🌟I will review many of their products, products that I can recommend and trust to welcome them into my organic family!

Raacine Organic Refreshing Cleanser