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Eco- Car Sharing

Blue LA Car Sharing 


BlueLA  is a revolutionary 100% electric vehicle (EV) carsharing service expanding to 40 stations, 200 charging points, and 100 cars in Los Angeles. Members have access to a network of shared electric vehicles 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at self-service locations in central LA.🚙

Car sharing is short-term car rental meant for trips around the city. BlueLA is a membership-based subscription service in Los Angeles at self-service locations throughout the central city.

🍃 You can relax Enjoy a silent drive without CO2 emissions

🍃Say goodbye to gas, insurance, parking payment

🍃 Book your car and your parking space


electric car 2


Waive Car:  the world’s first car rental service funded by advertising!

🍃WaiveCars are free for at least the first two hours because advertisers pay us to display their ads on our cars. Need more time? Their rate is just $5.99/hr.

Drive for free then return to any charging station or legal parking spot within Santa Monica. Insurance with a $1,000 deductible is included in the signup! 

They have a program where you can hold a car overnight for a special flat rate until 10AM of $14.99 (info on the medium blog). There are no keys, simply use the app to lock, unlock and end all rides. 

🍃At least 2 Ad-Supported Hours of FREE Driving

🍃100% Electric and Emission-Free

🍃Available in Los Angeles and selected regions



Waive Car 100% Electric and Emission-Free
Green Commuter car sharing
car sharing 3


Green Commuter is committed to using the safest and most environmentally friendly vehicles available. Access one of the sleekest vehicles in the world at a price you can afford - the Tesla Model X.

You can rent our all-electric vehicles by the hour or day. Their vehicles are spread throughout the city. Just find a car close to you, make a reservation and unlock it with your smartphone.

Download their app and search or create your own all-electric vanpool.​

🍃100% Electric and Emission-Free

🍃Available in Los Angeles and selected regions



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