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Tatel Organic Spanish

💚Based in Madrid and Ibiza TATEL represent the quintessential Spanish traditional Mediterranean recipes with a contemporary twist.
Fresh, organic and locally sourced ingredients with Mediterranean recipes and quality Spanish seafood tradition.
An unforgettable experience where food, cocktails and live music blend into one.
A high gastronomic concept with daily live music shows.

Their Organic Spanish Paella looks amazing!

Belcampo Organic Burger

🤔How about a burger that tastes better than In-N-Out, BUT is made with 100% grass-fed, hormone-free, antibiotic-free, organic meat?? 🍔 😊This is possible at Belcampo locations!! 🌱
Belcampo's amazing Fast Burger (pictured) is just a few dollars more (and 50% bigger) than an In-N-Out burger, but with quality and transparency that In-N-Out Burger declines to offer or disclose! Belcampo's menu offers certified organic beef burgers, organic turkey burgers, organic french fries, and organic housemade ketchup! 🍔For an even more premium cut and almost twice the size of their Fast Burger, try Belcampo's Cheeseburger. ✨Gluten-free options are available such a burger wrapped in lettuce! (pictured left) 🍔 Belcampo is so tasty and so much healthier, with convenient locations around California! If you didn't try them yet, now it is your chance! 👏 A great, sustainable company run by Anya Fernando (CEO and founder), located in Mt. Shasta, California, Belcampo produces delicious products from their own farm directly to their stores! Certified organic (CCOF), Animal Welfare Approved (AWA), and USDA inspected and approved. Also, by me! 😉🍔.

Tocaya Organica Sunset 

🌺 Organic Mexican food with Location in West Hollywood, Venice, Miami.

You can find organic ingredients for their salads, tacos, bowls, and burritos . They use traditional Mexican recipes, naturally accommodating a variety of preferences including vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free.  Their tacos are made with organic steak, organic turkey  and organic chicken! Delicious! Located in the beautiful Sunset Plaza with the the amazing outdoor seating! 


Organic Sushi Erewhon
Los Angeles

😍 Amazing, amazing, amazing! Erewhon Market is Disneyland for organic foodies!

😃 All their food prepared there is with all organic ingredients!

🍲 Great vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free organic options are offered as well!!

🍣 😍 Organic sushi! Have you ever seen healthier sushi than this? Made with organic brown rice, wild salmon, organic soy sauce and other ingredients are all organic!! Erewhon! My favorite sushi in Los Angeles! 😋🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸

This is by far the best health-conscious, responsible grocery store, restaurant, market, a cafe in the Los Angeles area!! 

Pono Organic Burger  

Organic ground turkey burger, organic avocado, organic pea shoots, delicious house made sauce, topped with house made wonton chips, on daily baked bun 🍔 and organic hand cut french fries 🍟even organic ketchup! All this is possible only at Pono Burger!! So excited for the new locations in West Hollywood and Venice opening 

Kippy's Non-diary, organic ice-cream 
Venice CA

🍦Are you looking for an organic, dairy free, soy free, nut free, gluten free ice cream? You found it! 👏Kippy's ice cream is made with a raw, organic, non-dairy coconut cream and water, raw honey🐝, organic fruits🍎🍉🍇🍒🍓😋🍨🍧 healthy and delicious! 

Belcampo Organic Burger  

 🍔  You can find these delicious organic burger and organic fries 🍟 At BelCampo. In downtown LA, Santa Monica , 3 rd street location. They make their meat directly in their farm where they are committed to organic, and compassionately raised meat . They even offer an gluten free bun.

It tastes like in-N-out but with only organic and ingredients and transparent method !

Beachy Cream Organic Ice-Cream Santa Monica

🍦Beachy Cream's ice cream, cookies, and ice cream sandwiches are made with 100% organic ingredients sourced from local farmers markets. You can find their delicious ice cream sandwiches

🌺 On their menu, also organic grilled cheese sandwiches and 100% organic grass fed beef hot dogs! Locally sourced, sustainable. 

Rori's Organic Ice - Cream

🍦 Their Organic ice cream is made with organic Straus Family Creamery , organic eggs, organic sugar, local herbs, flowers and fruits. Their  ice cream is made in small batches.

They offer gluten free cone and super delicious ice cream tacos! Vegan flavors are available as well!

Locations: West- Holywood, santa Monica, Santa Barbara, Montecito,  Carpintera, Wesfield Century City.

Rori's Organic Ice - Cream

🍦😋Happy National Ice Cream Day!! 🎉So excited that my favorite organic ice cream Rori's

💚 Their organic ice cream is made in small batches with Straus Family Creamery, organic eggs, organic sugar, and local fruits! 💚

They also offer gluten-free ice cream, gluten-free cookies, and cones!

🍦Their vegan flavors are made with organic coconut milk, dairy-free, and no eggs! Organic, vegan, gluten-free, local! 

Malibu Farm , Malibu Pier 

💚Opened recently in  Lanai, Hawaii, and in Miami, this Malibu Farm is a must. Located on the Malibu Pier, this restaurant offers healthy, locally sourced  menu. With farmed ingredients . Very popular spot, even film producer and Nobu principal Meir Teper comes over for breakfast.

Cafe Habana, Malibu 


They only use organic vegetables and fruits, USDA certified organic

beef, vegetarian raised pork, free range chicken, and 100%

sustainable seafood. All of their products are free of hormones, antibiotics, and GMO’s. A celebrity spot, a favorite of Henry Style.

Malibu Farm , Malibu Pier 

💚Glad to see one of my favorite organic restaurants @Malibufarm is using paper straws! I hope more restaurants follow their example and more cities will follow Manhattan Beach (California), which banned all disposable plastic, including straws! .
Until then, we can reduce their use by simply asking to our server to bring drinks without straws. It is much better to avoid wrinkles, too! 😉✨

💚Opened recently in  Lanai, Hawaii, and in Miami, this Malibu Farm is a must. Located on the Malibu Pier, this restaurant offers healthy, locally sourced  menu. With farmed ingredients . Very popular spot, even film producer and Nobu principal Meir Teper comes over for breakfast.

SunLife Organic

🎉So excited that my favorite juice from Malibu @sunlifeorganics is landing in the newly expanded Westfield Century City! Created by an extraordinary health and wellness entrepreneur, who I had the pleasure to meet! @khalilrafati Can't wait to visit your new location! 🌟
☀️ SunLife Organics offers organic bowls, organic fresh juices, organic protein shakes, organic shots, and organic smoothies. They are not only healthy for you and the environment, but they are also very delicious! And their canvas tote bag is so cute!🌸 Welcome to Century City!✨ 📸 @sunlifeorganics. Have you try it? 

Sunlife organics in Malibu

🌺 My favorite place in Malibu! 🐚🌺 @sunlifeorganics has an amazing collection of organic fresh juices, cold pressed juices, custom smoothies, protein shakes, superfood shakes, bowls, shots, frozen yogurt, sundaes! 🍉🍇🍓 Their stores are so cute with a large collection of all organic goodies! Take a look at their canvas tote bag, it is so pretty!😍 👛  @sunlifeorganics 🍹

Organico in Los Angeles  in Postmate Delivery

😋 🍃ORGANICO is a delivery & take-out only restaurant that exclusively uses certified organic and/or wild harvested ingredients.

Their mission is to make organic food the norm again  - just like in the old days!  We figure its time to get back to the basics. The highest quality ingredients unadulterated and unprocessed. No B.S!  

😋 🍃With a fun & flavorful menu, mixed with quick & caring service, ORGANICO is raising the bar for restaurants everywhere. Proudly we can say that, together with our conscious customers, we have supported 1000's of acres of organic american farmland.

😋 🍃Each order supports farmers dedicated to sustainable & regenerative farming practices and also helps drive demand for more of it! Together, we as a community, are building a cleaner future - 1 meal at a time.

Cafe Gratitude - Organic Vegan

💚My new favorite organic vegan spot

Cafe Gratitude: 100% organic plant-based menu, environmentally friendly, sustainable in a gorgeous setting!


They support local farmers, sustainable and regenerative agriculture, and environmentally friendly products.


🍰Their desserts are all organic, vegan, gluten-free and extremely delicious!! 😋

Erewhon Los Angeles

😍Amazing, amazing, amazing! Erewhon Market is Disneyland for organic foodies!😃All their food prepared there is with all organic ingredients! 🍲🌯🌮Great vegan, gluten free, and dairy free organic options are offered as well!! 🍩Organic gluten-free Vegan donuts! You can only find these amazing things at @erewhonmarket! Made with organic GF oat flour, organic brown rice flour, organic arrowroot flour, organic potatoes starch, organic cane sugar, organic unsweetened applesauce! They are so cute and so yummy!! 😋 💕 This is by far the best health conscious, responsible grocery store, restaurant, market, cafe in the Los Angeles area!! 3 locations for now: Los Angeles (north of The Grove), Venice, and Calabasas. Please @erewhonmarket just multiply yourself!!

Gracias Madre in West Hollywood

Are you looking for Organic dining in the Los Angeles area?

🌴Are you trying to eat mostly organic out? 🍓This place is for you!

Gracias Madre is one of the few to offer organic, farm fresh, locally sourced food. Mexican, plant based cuisine, with beautiful indoor and outdoor patio seating.

☀️Located in fashionable West Hollywood!