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Organic Flip Flops

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Feelgoodz Eco-Friendly Flip Flops

Do you want to avoid plastic with BPA or other toxic materials in contact with your skin? Great! These Earth friendly flip-flops are made from soft, all-natural material: the highest quality 100% natural rubber tapped from Thai rubber trees by local farmers using their traditional techniques.🌳 They are comfortable, pillow-soft, well made and they mold to your feet. They feel "fresh" and they look different than conventional flip-flops. They come in several colors and you can find them at Whole Foods Markets.🌱👣Finally, eco-conscious, sustainable flip-flops made from natural resources! Direct-trade principles are applied to ensure fair wages and economic opportunity for their global partners. 

SEEKWAY Water Shoes Adult Quick-Dry Aqua Socks
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  • Amphibious Protection:This shoe was designed for both water use and dry land. The rubber outsole can protects feet from sharp things like rocks, gravel, shells and from being burned by hot sand or boardwalk.The non-slip stripe on the soles can provides superior grip even on slippery surfaces.

  • Lightweight & Flexible:It makes you feel like waering socks.This flexibility allows you plenty the freedom of movement.The lace-free design lets you slip them on and be ready to go in mere seconds;perfect for a go-getter personality!.

  • Breathability & Comfort:Soft and elastic spandex upper can dry quickly and fit snugly to your feet to give you that comfortable tight feel overall.The smooth elastic neck prevents chafing and keeps the shoe from slipping off during exercise.

  • Occasion:River,Pool,Lake,Surf,Rafting,Tubing,Windsurfing,Boating,Kayaking,Snorkeling,Sailing,Creek trip,Water park,Sand volleyball,Water aerobics,Travel,Camping,Canoeing,Wake-boarding,Fishing,Gardening,Home,Yoga,Lawn,Outdoor,Walking dog

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