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Affiliate Programs 

I collected here you will find the best affiliate program on the market. 

Since 2016 I have been collaborating with more than 300 brands, and each I have the opportunity to try several if not all the affiliate programs available on the market 

Here are the most popular affiliate programs!

Affiliate programs track affiliate referrals, traffic, and performance allowing them to receive a commission every time they generate a sale. Their followers and readers place an order after clicking their links.


The average commission is 10 and 20%. I also saw 5-7% which is not the average. Higher is the commission and more motivated are your influencers!

The average commission for influencers is  5% 10% 15% 25%. I suggest offering 15% to be more competitive with other brands. Or at least 10%.  25% If you want to be super appreciated. Higher is the common, high will be the enthusiasm of your influencer when they recommend your product.

Promo code:

Don't forget to create a custom code for your influencers, they can be a 10%, 15% 20% discount.

My custom code is PRETTYORGANICGIRL.

Take a look at my codes here.

A promo code allows you to create interest and connection between the affiliate and their audience. 

Promo codes are essential for many reasons:

1. when the affiliate programs miss the transaction. 

2. when followers forget to click the link

3. when followers are not aware of it and /or they google the brand outside the influencer website.

You want to avoid this as a brand you want to compensate fairly your influencers for their work by tracking each transaction generated by them. For this brand, you want to track each month and the transactions associated with the promo code and manually adjust it by adding it to the affiliate program system. 

Brands offer usually 10% to 15%, allowing the influencer to choose her promo code.

In my case my promo code is PRETTYORGANICGIRL

Promo code changes and expiration can create a lot of work to update influencer blogs/websites especially when they listed the promo code on several pages. I suggest you offer 1 promo code, no expiration and valid also for returning customers.


Don't forget to gift your influencers with your products! Sending your products to your influencer/affiliates is common. You may want to collaborate with us by sending products for 1 month in exchange for promotion and content.



Not all influencers, and bloggers are the same. When you find an experienced influencer you will need to compensate for their expertise and time. They have their media kit and here is mine

Fair compensation is necessary to create respect and long-term partnership with your influencers who work full-time and create daily content for your brand. As a professional influencer, I know how much time, dedication, and skills are put into promotional campaigns. In my case, I don't take just pretty pictures (just for that is a profession), but there is research and data involved every time my content is shared with the intent to educate my audience and to shape the market with more demands for organic, sustainable brands.

Marketing Agency

Marketing agencies won't have the same passion and professionalism or care for the brand as you.

Many times, the brand's owner reached out directly to fix when the marketing team where not responsive or not following, or because leaving or changing jobs without informing the influencers.

If you are a brand, hire reputable marketing agencies that are trained to cut the influencers' costs as much as they can. Your brand image will be penalized.

If you need to hire a marketing manager make sure they are properly prepared to fairly compensate influencer work and offer fair contracts and respect.  They are representing you! 

The best collaborations are with influencers and brand owners.

It is also better to know directly your influencers/ affiliates, it creates a better understanding and stronger connection for long-term collaboration. I can tell you there is a different kind of brand passion and collaboration when I directly communicate with the owner and chat about the products and send tips, planning promotional campaigns.Followers/customers can detect this synergy of genuine respect and collaboration, creating stronger results.


What to offer to the affiliates

Preferred affiliate programs terms:

  • Influencers' commission rates of 15% or more for orders from new and returning customers. It is not enough to get % of the first orders only without compensating all future orders placed by customers brought in by the influencer's marketing efforts.

  • Vanity Promo Code for new and returning customers. 

  • Influencer referring tier 2 program:  when influencers bring in another influencer to promote the brand

The top example is the THORNE affiliate program:

"20% commission when any first-time Thorne customer makes a purchase from your affiliate link, along with any subsequent orders placed by your followers."

Here is the example from the Miessence Brand affiliate home page:

  • 20% Commission for each sale.  "You will receive 20% of purchases made by customers who have come to our website using this link".

  • Associated emails: "For each purchase made by customers with those emails, you will receive 20% of the ordered product total."

  • Two Tier information: "This affiliate program allows you to earn money by referring it to other potential affiliates. You can share the link to it and if somebody becomes an affiliate, you will earn 5% of the price of the referred-by their purchases."

My number one recommendation is ShareASale

Popular Affiliate Programs:
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