Organic Produce

Some say that it doesn’t matter when you buy some kind of conventional produce because the pesticides won't compromise the fruit, I don't follow their opinion. 🍍🍎🍌🍉🍇🍒


They may refer to fruit such as banana, avocado, 🍌🥑 and my opinion is:

Even if the pesticides and other toxical chemicals won't reach the inside of the fruit, the eatable part, they are still on the outside of the fruit, hard part, and:

  1. ❌ They potentially contaminate your other fruit when you store them at home in the same fruit bowl.

  2. ❌ I don’t want to support the pesticide industry that still harms the environment, workers, and consumers.

  3. ❌ I don’t want to contribute to the wealth of big pesticides makers such as Monsanto

For this reason, I invite all of you to buy and consume only organic produce for your wellness and the planet's wellness.

GO Organic 🍏


How to pick certified organic produce? Read below to learn how.

There is another issue here: even some organic produce may contain a high level of heavy metals, such as arsenic or lead. I'll teach you which ingredients to avoid even on organic food!

Choose Safer brands: that don't carry CA prop 65 warning.


How to pick organic and heavy metal-free produce?

Here in California, I can spot heavy metal-free produce on Amazon cart and I can disclose that to you if you are out of state. If you want me to check your favorite produce of food product please fill the form here.

Here you can find the healthiest options!

How to spot USDA Certified Organic Produce. How to read produce stick number. How to avoid heavy metals and pesticides on your fruit, vegetables. How to shop online and grocery for USDA Certified Organic apples, pears, papaya, mango, avocado, spinach, salad, banana, zucchini, kale, peas, broccoli, cauliflower, potatoes, artichokes, tomatoes, oranges, pineapple, blueberry, carrots, sweet potatoes, greens, romaine, arugula, lemon, apricot, plums, nectarine, green beans, beets, kiwi, dragon fruit.

Plus my favorite organic recipes from national pioneer and leading expert 

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How to pick organic produce

When you are shopping at the grocery store the only way to know that the product you are picking is organic is by reading the small code on the sticker. You need to check your banana, apples, zucchini, veggies, and any produce also at Whole Foods Market Trader Joe's, Target, Sprouts as well since they sell even not organic produce.


The code needs to  have 5 digits starting with N 9

The organic fruit or veggie was grown organically, the sticker will have five digits, starting with “9.”

Like in the picture the apple and the papaya are both organically g

APPLE code: 94017

PAPAYA code:  93111


when you find digit code (4011 is the code for bananas) on the sticker, that banana was conventionally grown with the use of pesticides. All conventionally grown produce will have stickers with four digits.


Genetically modified produce stickers begin with the number “8.” 

Be aware when picking corn, soybeans, potatoes, artichokes, papaya, squash.

Organic Girl Certified Organic Produce 

🍃 After having discovered organic spinach and greens bags made by a famous brand carry The California Proposition 65 Warning, I switched to this brand that has not heavy metals warning.

This is my favorite brand, it seems also to offer fresher greens that last longer in the refrigerator.

  • USDA Certified Organic

  • No CA proposition 65 warning

  • Fresh delicious and cure packaging

Their collection:

Organic Romaine Heart Leaves 

Organic Baby Spring Mix

Organic Baby Spinach

50% spring mix  50% baby spinach

Organic Apple Sauce Acid Citric-Free

🍏 Thrive Market apple sauce is the purest apple sauce I have found. It has only one ingredient: organic apples! Made with USA apples 🇺🇸 
🌿 It is made without all the added ingredients usually found in apple sauce, such as ascorbic acid, added sweeteners, and citric acid (once derived from Italian citrus fruit, now derived from a type of mold).

Citric-acid and ascorbic-acid are always to avoid if you have acid reflux.
🍃 Thrive Market apple sauce is Certified organic, Non-GMO, Kosher, paleo, vegan, no added sugars or artificial ingredients, gluten-free, preservative-free, BPA-free packaging.
💚It tastes so yummy 😋

The Bieler's Broth 

🍵Have you ever heard of “Bieler’s broth”? Well, it is not just soup, but is considered medicine! Created by Henry Bieler,  pioneer of nutrition healing and author of Food is Your Best Medicine,

this healing soup has been the favorite meal of many Hollywood celebrities, such as Greta Garbo and Lucille Ball.

💚 This detoxing soup has incredible properties and benefits, such as restoring acid-alkaline and sodium-potassium balances to organs and glands, beneficial especially for relaxing the adrenal glands. The broth also supports the liver in its detoxifying function. It cleans, supports, and relaxes at the same time and it is delicio